experts research at uc davis laboratory


Be an innovator and a problem solver

Going to professional school at 澳门十大电子游戏大全 will prepare you to be at the top of your field.

You’ll benefit from our faculty — respected by academia and industry alike.  They are the ones developing breakthroughs and advancing new knowledge. This knowledge lets you be at the forefront of your profession.

澳门十大电子游戏大全 also helps you find jobs. 随着你事业的发展, your faculty mentors will keep you connected to new opportunities through our alumni networks.

和, 你会接受教育的, skills and connections to serve your community and make this world a better place.

We have the broadest range of professional programs in the UC system: nursing, 医学, 兽医, 教育, 商业与法律.







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